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"Great Team Building and Educational Opportunity!

Chatty the Mime came to my staff meeting and taught us juggling techniques! This was so much fun, and my staff couldn't stop laughing. 

It also served as an educational opportunity on the benefits of juggling (mental health) and some of the history of juggling! Chatty is a great presenter, and this would be a terrific option for an ice-breaker for a conference, meeting, or just adults getting together for any reason." 

-Elizabeth P.

Chatty is a featured performer at a growing number of schools, daycares, libraries, and camps.

She performs as

Chatty the Mime
Chatty Curl the Science Gurl
The Cat in the Hat

Chatty is also an experienced juggling teacher and is available for workshops and private lessons for children and adults.

"Really Awesome!!!

Chatty was awesome! We had 500 children in the audience and they loved every minute!!!"
-Dana R.

"Entertaining, talented & thoroughly likable!

Chatty the Mime performed at 4 of our libraries this summer and she is now one of our all-time favorite performers! She can adapt to most any space and audience, she's funny, super talented, and has both kids and adults sitting on the edge of their seats to see what comes next. She interacts easily with people and exhibits a calm and kind spirit that puts everyone at ease."

-Claire C.

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